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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 13, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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now you know the news of this thursday, august the 13th, 2008. i'm shepard. bill, are you ready? bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i think some of the people are upset because we have a black president. >> these folks, i think, they are dumber than joe the plumber. bill: as president obama's poll numbers begin to fall. nbc news goes on the offensive to help president. we will present the evidence. >> it's an uprising. >> please just answer my question. >> i know. >> are you purging into leading those emails or are you. >> it's not because you keep answering. >> megyn, you are flabbergasting, i have got to say. bill: obama administration continues to get testy with fox news as megyn kelly found out. she will be here. ♪ some things in life ♪ bill: stunning new evidence authorities now believe michael jackson's daughter is directly
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linked to his death. geraldo with the latest caution, you are about to enter the no spin zonget the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill owe rile. will thank you for watching us tonight. nbc news once again rises up to help president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as everybody knows, nbc news, only owned by the general electric company has been extremely favorable to barack obama ever since he launched his presidential campaign. now the president is in trouble. all the polls show americans turning against his health care vision. in fact, in pennsylvania, a new was muffin poll shows senator arlen specter a senator of owe boom that care is now losing to his challenger by 1 points. a few weeks ago he was up by 11. that is a stunning turn around. there is no question the health care chaos is hurting the democratic party and president obama. to the rescue, nbc news, which
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is now using its power to attack the health care protesters. >> i think some the people are upset because we have a black president. >> it's an uprising. angry old white folks are storming into town halls all across america spewing lies about health care reform. let me set the record straight early on, these folks, i think, they are dumber than joe the plumber. >> robert gibbs may be right. we are all focusing on some of the craziness taking place at town halls and some of the politicians playing to the bases showing up at town halls when you are not getting a representative sample of actual people in the middle who show up. bill: now, there is something very disturbing about a major corporation, g.e., allowing its news division to brand americans, rationist, stupid because they oppose. i have never seen this before. folks are using their constitutional rights to protest the health care policy they believe will harm them and the country. a powerful corporation, g.e., which just received more than a
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billion dollars in low cost government loans, taxpayer money, demonizes the very people that provided them the cash. is that unbelievable? and the folks are noticing. so far in august, the msnbc network, the most radical left arm of nbc news is down 24% in total audience while fox news is up 21%. at 8:00 p.m. factor is up 56% in the. it's not just nbc news going after the health care protesters. cbs news reported this last night. >> those fighting the health care bill contend the outrage is not organized. >> it's a million or so independent individual voices exercising their right to free speech. >> yet, web sites such as recess rally, which is planning a nationwide health care bill protest lists freedom works as part of its coalition. that's an organization dick armey whose lobbying firm works for the health care industry.
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the other side is organizing too. attendees at this reform event in los angeles were recruited by a local social service agency it? >> seems like the republicans have all these talking points that have been delivered through glenn beck, bill o'reilly, and sean hannity. bill: totally absurd. i have never received a republican talking point in my life. cbs should be ashamed to use a dishonest sound bite like that. the battle lines have been drawn as the nation is deeply involved in the most intense political debate in years. president obama has the power of his office and most of the peed i can't squarely behind him. the folks have, the folks, we will see who prevails. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the latest poll numbers. according to a just released opinion dynamics poll 49% of americans now oppose obama care. just 34% favor it. and when asked if they are satisfied with the way things are going in america. 61% of americans say they are not satisfied just 3% say they
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are. and in a rasmussen poll, the president's job approval rating. joining us from los angeles doctor who treeches at occidental university and scott rasmussen. it's a pretty stunning last four weeks. you can put it in perspective for us? >> the president's numbers have been slipping steadily. he was at 53%, the same share the vote he got last november until about a month or so ago. and his numbers have been sliding then to significant number is not the overall job approval. it's the fact that independents are beginning to break away from the president. now, everybody says it's because of health care or this current debate we are seeing. but, really what's happening is a lot of frustration has been accumulated and playing out in the health care debate. voters were overwhelmingly opposed to bailouts began in the bush years. they opposed to them continuing in the obama year. they are opposed to the g.m. and chrysler takeovers. most oppose the cash for clunkers program.
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and there is just this frustration that people were feeling and it's coming out in play in the town halls we're seeing in the form of debating health care but it's really a bigger issue than that. bill: what about in pennsylvania a state that went comfort gli for barack obama. arlen specter up by 11 now down by 12 two months ago. still, a stunning turn around. arlen specter, of course, you know, hated by republicans in the state, they feel he betrayed them when specter supported the stimulus package. and then switched parties and now this health care debate is really focusing more heat. 36% is all the support specter can get for a five term incumbent. that's terrible. it's very closely correlate with the health care numbers. people who like the health care plan in pennsylvania. like specter. the majority don't like it in pennsylvania. bill: pennsylvania is a bellwether state. >> that's correct. bill: how do you as a political scientist.
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how do you analyze all of these numbers rolling in and the problems president obama is obviously having? >> well, i would very much agree with scott that we're seeing partisan dissatisfaction most among incumbents. what's happening at the health care debates is much more a reflection of broader concerns not just health care. what i think is rather unfortunate is that health care is a broken system, and it does require reform. it's costing us billions of dollars every year because we have 48 million uninsured americans who go to the er for health care which costs us a lot of money as taxpayers. bill: very few people say the healthcare system doesn't need reformed. the problem 1,000 pages in the house and more than 600 pages in the senate. nobody understands it president obama can't understand it if he can he hasn't been able to persuade people that he can he has had plenty of time to do that come on, give the folk as break.
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the folks are listening. in the beginning they were with obama. they elected him on reforming health care. they have seen what he has got and they are saying, we don't want it. it's very clear. >> bill, i disagree with you. i don't think the folks know what are in the nine different health care policies. bill: they can't know because president obama can't tell them. he is the leader. he can't tell them. democratic debate. what's happening at the health care forums is folks are coming and shutting down democratic debate. i don't think people know much about health care. if they did hysteria never -- >> indeed. bill: i think you are totally misreading the leadership factor here to. pass any kind of a complicated legislation, you have to have a strong leader, ok? obama not been that in this debate. scott.
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>> i don't agree with you on that. bill: he hasn't. >> just like bill clinton. bill: wait a minute, i have got to get to scott though, doctor. i see this as possible armageddon for the obama administration. if this goes down in flames or he tries to ram it through in the fall, with so many people against, the majority of americans 58% not wanting it, if president obama tries to ram it through because he does have the democratic majority in both houses, i don't think he can come back from that. i think this may be a defining moment less than a year into his four year term. >> well, it all depends on what the "it" is. 51% of americans say they fear the government more than they fear insurance companies. so anything that decisively shifts control into the government is going to have some problems. if any of the people who currently have health insurance with a private insurer and they are wheap it and they get forced out of that plan, it's going to be a disaster for the administration. on the other hand, if the president scales way back and passes something that he calls health care reform and then
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rages the left wing of his own party that might have a different impact. bill: it all depends on what the final deal is. that's for sure. i have got 30 seconds, doctor, you can have the last word. >> well, i think this is very similar to what bill clinton faced in 1993 and 1994 where orchestrated organized health care insurance lobbies convinced the american public that was in their best interest was not in their best interest. i think if we all sat down the table across the ideological spectrum. we would agree that reform needs to take place the form that it might take of course we would disagree. that's the most democratic thing you can do. at this point it's not happening. bill: i will tell you, this doctor, in america the most strongest argument usually wins. doctor, scott, thank you very much. directly ahead laura ingraham will respond to general electric actively denigrating americans opposing obama care. authorities believe michael jackson's doctor directly contributed to his death. geraldo with the latest upcoming. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. bill: continuing with lead story. white house correspondent major garrett is doing his job looking out for you. fnc has information that the white house is sending out unsolicited emails about health care. >> do you, in any way, seek databases or information about people who might be -- >> i will certainly check. i will certainly check it i'm not under that impression. again, i just. >> like to know how they got an
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email from the white house they when they have never asked for one. >> i would be interested who you got that email from and whether or not they are on the list. >> may i follow up politely on one of major garrett's. >> let me finish needling major. i just want. >> what you are telling me is i need to give you these people's emails so can i check if they are on a list. >> you are asking if they are on a list. if you have a different way of checking without asking me to double-check the names. i'm happy. it's apparent. >> they never asked for an email from the white house. bill: the fear is that the white house is slamming emails out to everybody. that's the fear here. joining from us washington laura ingraham with some thoughts from the ingraham angle. we just began the show less than 10 minutes in. all kinds of hell breaking loose here. go. take it where you want to take it? >> look, robert gibbs has gone through a number of different iterations on this health care issue. first the people showing up at the town halls they were part
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of, what, a mob. part of the cable chatter. this was the food fight that was really not representative of the american people. i mean, they have tried everything. and now they are trying these emails that are going out under david axelrod's name and he is urging people to get involved in the health cared reform debate. now, major finds out that a lot of people are getting these emails who never have submitted their names or information to the white house, certainly not for organizing for america or any of these groups. and so why are they getting these emails? bill, if the bush administration. bill: that's the key. >> if the bush administration had done anything like this, anything like this, you would have the media up in arms. it wouldn't just be major garrett at fox news. i can tell you that. bill: i want everybody to know, look, the problem here is government intrusion into your home. if the reason. >> privacy. bill: if there is a list, how is the white house getting email addresses to send touts about health care? it's a simple deal. and gibbs couldn't explain it.
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>> which is precisely the reason why he gave major garrett kind of the needling and then he said let's move on to a question that's more constructive, ie a question that helps me in my case, the case we are trying to make. bill: all spokes people would have done that though. tony snow would have done that i don't hold that against robert gibbs. are you offended that nbc news, general electric is using its power. this is a very big and important story, ok? because general electric has just derived more than a billion dollars in taxpayer money at favorable loan rates. now they shift on over and they are attacking individual americans who are going out and protesting health care. are you as concerned as i am about this? >> well, i think all americans should be concerned about, this bill. i mean, when someone like chuck todd, who is the white house corpghts for nbc news, and i don't consider chuck todd to be a far left activist, but when even someone like him who has been a reporter for a long time is out there in the last 24 hours saying well, i think we
8:17 pm
are spending too much time covering, maybe gibbs is right. we are covering these town hall protesters too much. we are not covering the moderates enough. we are not covering the people who are representative. and i'm thinking to myself, chuck, this is the biggest public uprising on a domestic policy issue that i have ever seen in my life and i'm sure in his life. and this is not something that's -- that has to be covered? what does he make of all the polls that are coming out showing the people of this country leaving obama on this issue on mass. is that not representative either? something is going on here. it's clearly an effort on the part of someone at nbc. bill: it isn't odd. >> to help obama. bill: right. from the jump. nbc adopted barack obama as their presidential candidate. and then when he was elected, said we're going to get behind his policies and try to convince americans that what the president does is good for them. but. and the way it is unprecedented is at the same time, general
8:18 pm
electric is now benefitting economically from the obama white house. getting billions of dollars. >> there should be a scroll underneath every time one of the reporters says something, favorable to the aobama administration, we should note of the benefits that g.e. gets from this or that government program. that might be helpful to the people. bill: here is how much money you are getting. and here -- look. i can't say with 100% certainty it's a quid pro quo, this for that. but certainly the appearance is there. >> well, clearly if fox had the same deal going, they would be totally outraged by it bill kirks respond to something that the professor said in the previous segment? because at the end of the segment she gave this jab at the raucous nature of these town hall events that's not real democracy. we need to sit down across the table from each other and talk about reform. the fact of the matter is the democrats thought they would be able to ram this through before
8:19 pm
the recess without having to face the voters. this is democracy in action. the professor should know that. this is not some fringe group. this is america speaking out. and a lot of people, it turns out, don't seem very comfortable talking with actual americans who live outside the metropolitan areas. now they are getting involved i say good now we're all community organizers now. bill: laura ingraham. thank you. directly ahead megyn kelly shoots it out with obama spokesman. ms. kelly will be here and we will show it to you. where are republicans on the health care debate? newt gingrich will tell us coming up.
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bill: megyn kelly co-anchors a two hour block in the morning along with bill hemmer. it has higher ratings than nbc
8:23 pm
8 p.m. hour. yesterday bill burton appeared on america's newsroom. >> if bill hemmer complains about health care and he has a myth and i forward an email saying there are death panels, and i forward it to you and you get megyn kelly's email and bill hemmer's email. you are deleting bill hemmer's email address, right? >> first of all i'm glad you brought up in the death panels, that's one of the myths been pop gaited out there by leaders of the anti-reform movement. >> if i can just answer my question. we already about a panel on the health panel. >> you used the term passive euthanasia. i would like to talk about that i don't want to you conflate the notion that we get emails and we answer with the facts with this notion that we're keeping some list of all the emails. >> but my question is do you purge and delete the names of the coman nant? >> i understand your question but do not confuse your viewers into thinking that we are keeping a list of the opponents of reform. bill: here now fox anchor megyn kelly. why do you care whether they delete the emails or not?
8:24 pm
>> because this is a big deal. bill: is it? >> there is a real question about whether the white house taking -- asking people to snitch on their neighbors essentially. they called for so-called fishy emails, purporting health care myths, whether that chills free speech in this country. the white house has come out repeatedly and said this charge that we're collecting a so-called enemy's list is a bunch of bologna. that was a charge made by senator john cornyn not by any cable news personality. they said we are not keeping a list. we are just asking for people to send in these so-called myths. the problem for the white house is the presidential records act, which was passed decades ago requires it. requires it to keep those records. including any emails that are forwarded; so in my example i just gave they would keep bill hemmer's email. would keep the email of the complainant. bill: if you email the white house it has to be kept. you were trying to fool burton. >> no. i asked him at least four times. bill: whether they delete emails or not.
8:25 pm
>> i urge people to go online and you can see. i asked him at least four times. bill: he didn't answer. >> do you purge and delete the emails. do you purge and delete the emails? do you purge and delete the emails he wouldn't give me a straight answer. bill: i don't think he knows. >> i don't know. bill: i should have said i don't know. >> he should have said megyn, i don't know,. bill: they have to delete. >> no, they have to keep. bill: why can't they purge and delete them. >> it's the white house. so the general public gets access to these materials after a certain number of years. bill: if you email or call the white house, it's a public situation? they can't mess with it. >> yes. the problem, bill, an even the aclu, the aclu has even come out and said this is a bad idea, white house. you shouldn't be doing. this. bill: the perception. don't need people to inform on other people. >> exactly. shouldn't be neighbors against their neighbors. you have got to look at the greatest context. nancy pelosi saying these people wear swastikas and other calling nazis and smears and president
8:26 pm
obama saying he is going to fight them. what happened to joe the plumber during the campaign where he was investigated personally by this high ranking democratic who didn't like what he said. bill: she got fired finally. >> the white house reaching out to people saying hey if your neighbors are saying something about health care, send us their complaintwise email. bill: there is one good thing about this thing that hemmer may go to jail. [ laughter ] bill: actually sent the email that hemmer was complaining. might go to prison. >> hemmer wasn't really complaining. bill: cop in ohio, minor story. interesting. his wife podsed in playboy. >> yes. hot housewives 2008. bill: since that harassment his life has been a living hell because the city is going after him, right? >> yeah. i got one piece of advice for officer fippin. take it up with the mrs. he is particular ticked off. filed intentional emotional distress clan. his wife has joins him in that complaint saying after i posed in ploy boy, -- playboy the deputy chief asked for the picture autographed. it caused extreme stress to have
8:27 pm
him ask for that. bill: you are not buying it? >> please. they are asking for $3.5 million. bill: the woman has a right to do whatever she wants, right. >> yes, she does. >> she is an american. >> she is very fit. bill: there you go. if she does that and then the guy is a police officer, and the town is giving him a hard time because they don't like what his wife did, that's not right. >> it's not the town. it's allegedly his fellow police officers. but, what's so wrong about it? i mean. bill: what's so hard about it? >> if other cops say hey, mind me getting me an autographed copy your wife's pictorial. hello. bill: you are a mean person. >> come on. it's obvious. bill: now let's go to oregon where we did a report with miss megan about a transgenderred mayor who i think is a nut but kelly likes him. stu rasmussen. no relation to scott. stu is walking around, flouncing around in front of kids in
8:28 pm
outfits that stu shouldn't be wearing. >> this the is most conservative right here. bill: what has happened to stu in 30 seconds? >> he was brought up on a complaint. bill: set mayor. >> the parent who invited him to speak to the children. he showed up scantily clad filed a complaint against him city council. the city council said he will be censored a slap on the wrist. stu, don't do you that again. >> stu has forgiven the city. he had threatened a lawsuit. all is forgiven, love and happiness is restortd. bill: in oregon a different situation out there. i'm glad that they solved this. megyn, thanks very much. we appreciate it mean megyn. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. authorities in los angeles say michael jackson's doctor may have directly contributed to his death. geraldo has the latest. what were the dumbest things that happened in america this week? we have the list. we are checking it twice. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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bill: according to the "l.a. times" dr. michael jackson's personal physician dr. michael murray left the pop singer alone under the influence of very powerful drug. to make some phone calls. when he returned jackson was dead or near death according to the paper. here now geraldo rivera who has been closely following the case. i understand you talk to michael jackson's father almost every day, right? >> we speak quite often. i spoke to his mother catherine,
8:32 pm
they believe foul play was involved in their son's death. as to reports about dr. conrad murray we have been reporting that all along. he gave him the prop fill, he gave him this powerful anesthetic that knocked him out. michael had been using demerol and oxycontin to such antics tent that family had done intervention on him weeks and months plifer to his death. with the the powerful drug, what dr. conrad murray did while walking away from michael which this is something we surmised it was such reckless it does amount if not manslaughter than murder. bill: very good chance is he going to be indicted on involuntary manslaughter. as you said, you can't be messing around with this kind of stuff. >> it might be worse than just involuntary. bill: i don't believe the jackson family was going to intervene ever. i think this is all an attempt by the family and i could be wrong. i don't know them.
8:33 pm
you do. to kind of rehab the image after the fact. he had been using narcotics for a long, long time michael jackson. heavy narcotics. if there was going to be an intervention or something like that, it should have happened a long time ago, not when it gets up to this level. >> remind me of the rehabing the image aspect of your question because i think that that is a very important part of what is happening whether or not the family is the prime engineer, michael's image is being rehabilitationed. bill: for money. for monetary reasons. >> to the extent of tens of millions of dollars. i reported exclusively sunday night that they got $60 million just for the concert rehearsal. >> shot with two sony hd. bill: you know this better than anybody. elvis presley, when he died, and you were investigating dr. nick, his personal physician, eerily similar to what's going on. >> very similar. bill: when elvis presley died, he was fat, bloated, out of shape, in a terrible state emotionally. and they found him on a bathroom
8:34 pm
floor dead. >> with his pants down. bill: they rehabbed his image back into the king of rock and roll and have now made hundreds of millions of dollars off the good elvis, whatever the vibrant elvis. that's exactly what's going on here. ebbs except one crucial detail in the final weeks and months of his life. michael jackson was cut off from anyone he knew. bill: so was elvis. >> elvis was surrounded by entourage. i know, i reported the story, i know all those guys. bill: never came out of the jungle room. >> in michael jackson's case his father told me to his face he was so frustrated bide his own inability to access his own son in the final weeks of his life that he at one point con item flated taking his pickup truck to that rented mansion and tearing the gate off. so frustrated. bill: i don't believe a word of it? >> i think there is more to
8:35 pm
this, bill, i'm telling you there is more to this than one negligent doctor pros stiewght his art. bill: you think that jackson was being manipulated by a corporation or some kind of concern for money. i don't dispute that he may have been. all right? but i will tell you what, this isn't michael jackson being weird for six months. this is michael jackson being weird for 15 years. >> well, in varying degrees. bill: yeah. >> and even with my personal experiences with michael, just being with him as close as we are here, i saw him go through all kinds of phases. bill: you weren't surprised when he died. >> he was the least surprising sudden death of a radio 50-year-old of anyone i know. but there is definitely something to this story about what happened in that house in the final weeks of dr. conrad's life. is dr. conrad murray the sole engineer with the family excluded of a estate where he could overdose from these
8:36 pm
multiple drugs? >> when they charge him, which will be soon, he will spill. he will tell everything. >> if is he not already spilling. >> that's your job to get it. >> the reason they have not yet indicted him is they are seeking to make dr. conrad murray in my opinion a cooperating witness so he can spill the beans on exactly who were the agents and the operators who isolated and led michael and ultimately exploited him. michael jackson will definitely be bigger in death than ever he was in life. bill: just like elvis. when we come right back, newt gingrich on whether the republican party can gain from president obama's troubles. does the g.o.p. have a plan? what were the dumbest things in america this week? we will run them down. no shortage of participants in just a few moments. who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and reminds me to pick them up. you mean, reminds me to pick them up. [ chuckles ] stop by your local cvs pharmacy
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to ask if readyfill is right for you, and get a $25 coupon book. readyfill, only at cvs pharmacy.
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the unresolved problem segment tonight, as we have been reporting times are tough for president obama right now and the democratic party is taking a big hit, too. are the republicans capitalizing? joining us from washington fox news analyst and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. dvd rendezvous with destiny with his wife callista is a big hit. you are one of the most savvy guys in the country politically. this is no doubt this is a train wreck for barack obama. last night the factor did a three rating at 8:00 and a one demo. i know people don't know what that means. it's enormous. if we had been part of the entertainment lexus for the two
8:40 pm
runs we have been in the top 15 of all entertainment programs there is a massive amount of interest in the country about this health care debacle and the polls show obama's favorability falling fast as we discussed earlier in the program. what happens now, mr. speaker? >> well, i think there are two really big decision points in the next 45 days. the first is the president's. he is having as you point out a really bad august. the democratic party is having a really bad august. when you have members who can't even go to a town hall meeting because they are afraid to meet their own constituents, you really have a party that's in a shambles. does he go off on vacation? decide to listen to the country and come back in december with a much more approach. rewrite from the ground up and bring the republicans in or does he come back and decide just to ram it through and see if he can push it all the way through? i think that's one of the most important decisions of his
8:41 pm
entire presidency. bill: make a prediction. >> my hunch is they will try to ram it through, although it is decaying so rapidly and people are getting increasingly skeptical about it. bill: i disagree. if they did that, i think that would be the end of the obama administration less than a year into his four year term. the anger is so intense in the country. if the folks believe that president obama is not listening to them and rams through something quickly that they don't like. he can never come back to that, mr. speerk. that's a defining read my limits moments. >> first of all as bill clinton proved in 1995. presidents can come back from a lot of things. but he, president obama may find when the democrats come back from the recess that they literally don't have the votes to move anything.
8:42 pm
second big question. which is what do the republicans do? now, here is an opportunity for the republicans to come together with a really bold alternative that fits where the american people are, that offers substantial progress on health reform but that doesn't have gigantic government or big tax increases or any of the things that are frightening people. and i think if the republicans could come together with a really solid alternative, that they could rally around in september, they could begin to attract some blue dog democrats and some pretty shaken. bill: who is the point man on that? you always have to have -- look, the reason that president obama's health care vision is failing is because of him. because he can't articulate to the folks what it's -- what it all means. what it's about. it's 1,000 pages in the house. 635 in the senate. nobody knows what it is. everybody is nervous anyway about the economy and the debt. ok? and president obama himself can't get it through.
8:43 pm
it's him. who on the republican side is the point man for that? >> well, i think if they start coming together, it would probably be people like mike insy in the senate. bill: nobody knows him. >> when you are the opposition party, very few people are known in the early stages. but they get known. they get known by having idea, when jack kempf first started talking about tax cuts nobody had a clue who he was. a few years later they all knew who he was. bill: is it smart that the republicans are really not saying much now. allowing the anger to be directed at the democratic party unfiltered? is that smart it sit it out for a while? >> well, look, i think it's fine in july. i think it's a bad idea in september. i think the republicans have to be able to say we have an alternative. frankly, at the center for health transformation. we have dozens of ideas people can see at health i think it's very possible to create a powerful alternative that is much better than what the left is --
8:44 pm
bill: you have got two problems. you got the networks won't give them exposure. only fox news will. and the others won't and the papers won't. so it's hard to get the message out. >> of course it is. bill: last yes. last night we did talking points memo that the obama administration seems to want to get in a war with fox news. it's inconceivable that they would -- to me, that's just dumb. what do you think? >> i think they are so shocked at the level of opposition to their biggest ideas the energy tax and the health bill, that they literally are just disoriented. i think they want to pick fights with somebody, the insurance companies and fox news and rush limbaugh have been their three targets. in the long run, you can't govern that way. and i think it weakens them. it sure doesn't weaken fox news shep. bill: that's for sure. the ratings are in record territory for us. mr. speaker, thanks very much. reappreciate it. >> good to be with you. bill: the dumbest things of the week. there were plenty of things to choose from. we will run them down for you as
8:45 pm
the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. naing onon ud r.
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>> bill: dumbest things of the week. i'm a simple man. i like the concept because it is simple. here now to present the massively dumb radio host faith sally and fox news correspondent julia cuddy. you select add hillary clinton situation but not what she said, what secretary of state clinton said. but what was said about her trip to africa? roll the tape. >> she had done 22 speeches and five interviews and she was exhausted and clearly some would say having a bad hair day. so not an easy day for hillary clinton. >> think of it from the human point of view.
8:49 pm
she is in her second week. she is hot. she is feeling fat. she had this horrible business where she suddenly lost it a bit over the whole bill thing. bill: she is hot and philly fat? >> how does she know she is filling fat? everybody is saying hillary clinton they go immediately for the female things. angry at bill because is he having a party in las vegas and she is jealous or prime minister or she is -- pms. why does it go to the female sort of sexist realm? it's dumb because of the female and comment. >> she is exhausted she went for a vital reason. she is talking about gender. she is talking about rape. bill: why do women if ipick up n hair and weight? >> that's a great question. if a man ever said that he would be pillaried. and tina brown says that she is a friend of hillary's. even if that is true, you don't feel that on tv.
8:50 pm
you say that to your gay best friend. >> the fact is she and andrea mitchell joking around about it. sort of a few days later but the fact is immediately the media, the press went right for the sexist. >> andrea mitchell talking to meredith vera. it was dumb. bill: heather mills was married to paul mccartney and they got divorced and she got a lot of money. faith, you have picked up something that ms. mills has said. what is that? >> dancing with the stars contestant lady mccarthy, she compared herself to mcgondy. >> was he divorced or married to paul mccartney? >> she was an indian spiritual leader and they're both vegetarians. she took it further and compared herself to malcolm x and martin luther king. bill: in what on text. >> they were people that went through controversy to put the truth forward and they weren't afraid to fight and i can relate to that completely. bill: heather mills compared her
8:51 pm
stovall mohammed gandhi. malcolm x and who else. >> martin luther king. >> she to fight tmz. >> i was so upset for her. why would that happen? bill: we all agree that's pretty dumb. >> that's dumb. >> incredibly dumb. she needs more protein. bill: that's dumb, two. here is my dumb nominee. and we touched upon this earlier this week, in fact. president obama goes up to new hampshire. he goes to a town hall meeting and they stack it with people who like him. there is nothing really wrong with that if you are a president you don't want to walk into the rush limbaugh fan club, right? what does that -- so you go and they have people who like you. because you know what's going to be on tv. one of the people who like the president is a 11-year-old girl. roll the tape. >> what's your name? >> julia hall from massachusetts. >> nice to meet you, julia. [ applause ] >> i saw -- as i was walking, in i saw a lot of signs outside
8:52 pm
saying mean things about reforming health care. how do kids know what is true and why do people want a new system to that will help more of us? >> well, i have seen some of those signs. [ laughter ] bill: cute, right? the only problem is julia's mother ran the massachusetts for obama campaign. it was a plant. now, here is how dumb this is. >> no it wasn't. >> it was the second question by the way of a very important town hall meeting. bill: here is how dumb it is. the "boston globe," perhaps the most liberal newspaper on the face of the earth earth, 10 minutes later found out who the girl was and put it in the paper. how did they think they could get away with it? >> the fact that there was no booing in the audience and everybody was cheering. bill: you think that the obama campaign doesn't care that they planted an 11-year-old. >> they did not plant someone there. i actually spoke to -- --
8:53 pm
>> she just showed up, ladies and gentlemen. she just put herself, threw those adults out of the way and gotcha microphone. all right. what's the dumbest of the three? faith? dumbest of the three? >> very competitive but i'm actually going to go with tina brown. bill: dumbest? >> i go for little julia. sweet little julia. >> wow. bill: so it's a tie. all right, ladies. thanks very much. pinheads and patriots is next tonight. starring brad pitt. will he run for the mayor of new orleans? whoa, right back with mr. pitt. .
8:54 pm
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8:57 pm
we think people who run for office are patriots, but you can decide in this case. the fbi is investigating an american company that might have sent things abroad used to kill americans. g.e. denies it and says i smeared them. the website has and exposition on. go to for a link to the response. check it out. there is a comment blog. please be polite. we know the ceo is a pinhead, of course. our goal is to give $1 million to charity this year and we are on track to do that because of your purchases on we help people in need. everybody wins.
8:58 pm
bill: i do not know. he should. bill: of course i deny it. that is ridiculous. shep smith, bret baier, myself, and many others have nothing to do with it. come on. bill: you know, hang in there. if it is right, you will get the
8:59 pm
proposal. how about our website? most importantly, that is the talking. memo on it. it is a good one tonight about how nbc news is in league with the president., name and town if you wish to go on. when writing to us, do not be a nebbish. that is it for us today. i am bill o'reilly. we hope you check it out. right a little comment to ge. keep at polite, you know? we will see you premium members on the post-game show. we hope to see you next time. remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. looking out for you.


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